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Find Out What Awesome Things Aluminium Anodising Services Can Do for You

The remarkable tenacity and flexibility of aluminium makes it one of the most useful metals to exist. Its application is so broad, we don’t even realise just how important a role it has in our everyday lives. One of the reasons for aluminium’s considerable adaptability is that, unlike steel, this metal doesn’t rust. Nevertheless, aluminium corrosion exists, and it will oxidise unless it is anodised. The anodising process makes aluminium tougher and more resistant to abrasion when it is exposed to the atmosphere.

Since it is so durable, anodised aluminium sheets are extremely useful in the manufacturing of many products here in Australia. If you need aluminium anodising services in Melbourne, our experienced staff at Lightning Laser can assist.

How Does Anodising Work?

The metal (usually aluminium) is placed in an electrolytic solution, and then an electric current is passed through it. The metal acts as the positive electrode, or the anode, of the electrical circuit. The aluminium or metal being anodised goes through several stages of cleaning, anodising and sealing. In some cases, there is a colouring phase as well. Anodising aluminium is a relatively quick process, though its effects can potentially last for as long as the metal is in use.

What Are the Benefits of Anodising Metal?

Enhances Appearance for That Perfect Finished Product

Unlike coating and some other surface finishes, anodising is not a layer on the metal, but rather a part of the metal itself. In the case of aluminium, the beautiful, natural sheen of the metal is enhanced during the anodising process. Anodising also maintains the metallic look of the material — something paint cannot achieve.

Another benefit of oxidising is that it adds colour to the metal. When colour is added, it gives aluminium products more versatility in their application. Household appliances made from coloured and anodised aluminium, for example, look appealing while also being highly functional. The dry finish method of painting known as powder coating is another great option if bright, vibrant colours are what you’re after.

Economical & Incredible Value for Money

Despite being the cheapest of coating methods, anodised metal retains its brilliant sheen the longest. This makes it the most cost-effective coating method you can get. That being said, there are many advantages associated with other coating methods, such as hot-dip galvanising. This method involves soaking the material in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion-resistant coat.

Increases Durability to Shake Off Wear & Tear

The use of anodised aluminium is advisable in the manufacturing of products that are expected to be subjected to a lot of abrasion. This is because anodising is a toughening process that permits the metal to be more durable. Anodising also increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metals, making it very difficult to scratch off or damage without affecting the metal itself.

But Why Should You Choose Lightning Laser for All Your Anodising Needs?

There are many reasons why Lightning Laser is the best place to go for anodising services in Melbourne. At Lightning Laser, we have advanced laser equipment and technology that is capable of cutting and marking materials with exceptional precision. Along with aluminium, we are able to work with a wide variety of materials including mild steel, tool steel, stainless steel, timber and plastics.

And our services don’t stop at anodising, powder coating and galvanising — we can also assist you with highly accurate cutting, engraving and fabrication. Since opening in 1996, we have done our work with extreme accuracy, efficiency and attention to detail, so that our clients are always satisfied.

Melbourne Anodising Services Where Excellence Is Guaranteed

Alongside our other metal cutting and enhancement capabilities, Lightning Laser provides anodising services to a wide range of clientele in Melbourne. We also abide by national and international anodising standards to ensure our products can be used anywhere in the world. If you need anodising services, why not go to one of the most trusted laser cutting and manufacturing companies in Australia? Contact Lightning Laser today!

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