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The remarkable tenacity and flexibility of aluminium make it one of the most useful metals. Its application is so broad, we do not realise just how important aluminium is to our lives.

From construction to consumer goods, aluminium services are impossible to live without. One of the reasons for its adaptability is that unlike steel, it doesn’t rust but. Nevertheless aluminum corrosion exists it does oxidise unless you finish by anodising it. When aluminium is exposed to the atmosphere, the anodising makes it tougher, and more abrasion resistant.

One of the benefits of oxidising is its colour, proving you with its range of colours.
Anodising increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metals, making it very difficult to scratch off or damage without affecting the metal itself.

How Does Anodising Work?

The metal (usually aluminium) is placed in an electrolytic solution, and then an electric current is passed through it. The metal acts as positive electrode, or the anode, of electrical circuit.

The aluminium or metal being anodised goes through several stages of cleaning, anodising and sealing. In some cases, there is a colouring phase as well (anodised aluminium colours).

Anodising metal is a relatively quick process, though its effects can potentially last for as long as the metal is in use.

Beautiful and Sustainable Designs

Unlike coating and other surface finishes, anodising is not a layer on metal, it is a part of it. In the case of aluminium, the beautiful, natural sheen of the metal is enhanced during the process.

When colour is added, it gives aluminium products more versatility in their application. Household appliances made from coloured and anodised aluminium, for example, look appealing while also being highly functional.

Benefits of Anodising Metal

Anodising despite being the cheapest of coating methods, retains its brilliant sheen the longest.

Anodised aluminium is advisable for products that are subjected to a lot of impact and abrasion. It is a toughening process that permits it to more durable.  Unlike paint, anodising maintains the metallic look of the materials. This effect cannot be achieved by other organic coatings.

Excellence Guaranteed

We provide anodising services in Melbourne, alongside our other metal cutting and enhancement services to a wide range of clientele. We abide by national and international anodising standards, to ensure our products can be used anywhere in the world.

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