6 Basic Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

January 18,2022 | Blank Theory

Ever wonder how metal things are made? Metal fabrication is what you call any process that cuts, shapes, moulds, and forms metal into a final piece of product. So instead of being assembled from bits and pieces, fabrication creates a product from raw or semi-finished materials, such as sheet metal. Here, we'll explore the six basic sheet metal fabrication techniques, including how they differ and ...

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Why Your Business Needs to Partner With a Custom Laser Marking & Engraving Business

December 06,2021 | Blank Theory

Partnering with a laser marking and engraving business not only ensures perfectly manufactured parts and materials but it puts your brand in the spotlight. Laser cutting is fast becoming popular in a range of industries, from engineering and manufacturing to home ownership and even art. It is an innovative and state-of-the-art way to solve manufacturing and design problems. We at Lightning Laser k...

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Custom Laser Marking and Engraving For Business

September 10,2021 | Blank Theory

Custom laser-cutting services involve the use of advanced laser equipment to cut and mark a wide range of materials including mild steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminium, timber and plastics. Laser cutting is becoming popular in a range of industries to create different products and solve a variety of problems. At Lightning Laser, we utilise state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to ens...

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10 Innovative Ways to Use A Laser Engraver and Cutter

August 16,2021 | Blank Theory

When searching for innovative new art ideas, it can be tempting to stick to small-scale projects that use standard power tools. While these tools can make for great results, they do limit the kinds of materials you can work with. At Lightning Laser Cutting, we operate world-class equipment that can cut and engrave materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, plastic, foam, acrylic, aluminium, ru...

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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Cutting

February 24,2021 | Blank Theory

Laser cutting is the process of cutting different types of materials with a laser beam. This can vary from a regular trim of materials to cutting them into complex shapes that more conventional drills can’t do. Apart from cutting, laser cutters can also create complex designs onto these materials by heating up the surface of the material, manipulating the top layer of the material to change the ...

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What to Look for in a Laser Cutting Service Company

September 20,2020 | Blank Theory

  Laser cutting service is often used on structural, piping materials, or flat sheet metal. When you are in need to cut metals, laser beams create an ideal process. This technology creates edge-free cuts and can speed up the production process. Since laser cutting has limited operator intervention, it can minimise human error. It’s also cost-efficient because its accuracy limits wastage. ...

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What are the differences between powder coating and paint?

April 08,2020 | Blank Theory

Surface finishing is important when using reactive metals like ductile iron and carbon steel. When these surfaces left unprotected, the iron in these metals reacts with oxygen to form rust. This means that the colourful exteriors aren’t just for decorations, they are barriers that prevent corrosion. Metal parts can be finished with either Powder Coat or paint. While both serve similar functions,...

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What are the processes of laser cutting?

April 08,2020 | Blank Theory

  When many people think of laser cutting, their mind may drift to old spy films such as James Bond, in which the hero desperately attempts to escape their bonds before the laser hits. Simply put, laser cutting is the process of slicing through a material via the use of a laser beam. Whether you are looking to trim a material down, to cut out an intricate outline, or to pull off a cut ...

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What are the advantages of a laser cutting machine?

March 30,2020 | Blank Theory

There are several types of cutting processes in the market and each one uses different kinds of machines. It can be difficult to decipher the range of information that is often laid to you and deciding which may be the best cutting machine to use for your industry. To help make this easier for you, learning the advantage of a laser cutting machine can narrow down your choices.   What ...

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How To Choose The Right Laser Cutting Equipment

September 25,2017 | Blank Theory

A laser cutter is an extremely helpful and versatile tool. Laser cutting is the method of using a strong and effective laser to either cut or engrave materials such as wood, plastic, metal and aluminium.   Laser cutters work by controlling an extremely high-powered laser beam that accurately cuts or engraves the material. The laser carefully burns or melts away the material and leaves a pre...

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