Laser Cutting Machines for Engineering & Construction: How to Solve Problems & Build Solutions

December 18,2023 | Blank Theory

Today, we're diving deep into the world of laser cutting machines for engineering and construction with the experts at Lightning Laser. Buckle up for a ride through capabilities, execution secrets, and some optimisation magic to solve problems and build solutions like a pro. What are the Capabilities & Limitations of Laser-Cutting Machines for Engineering & Construction Tasks? Let's ...

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From Design to Finish: Exploring Laser Cut Acrylic

December 04,2023 | Blank Theory

Whether you’re a designer looking to bring your artistic visions to life, a business owner seeking unique signage and displays, or an enthusiast wanting to explore innovative DIY projects, laser cut acrylic is a valuable and transformative medium. Its clarity, durability, and ability to achieve intricate details make it a standout choice for a wide range of uses. As a method, however, laser cut...

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How to Achieve Different Effects and Finishes with Powder Coating?

October 30,2023 | Blank Theory

Why should you powder coat aluminium? When you come to Lightning Laser Cutting for our powder coating services, we’ll take your metal and add a protective layer that will hold up against wear and tear, corrosion, fading, and chipping. Keen to learn a bit more about the process before booking powder coating services? In our guide we’ll discuss the different options available to you, from typ...

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Galvanising in Action: Real-World Applications & Benefits

September 29,2023 | Blank Theory

When it comes to preserving the longevity of metal products and structures, few methods are as effective as the hot-dip galvanising services we offer in Melbourne. However robust a metal structure may seem, it’s inevitable that steel and iron works will disintegrate as a result of rust and corrosion. Although there are many protective coatings you could apply to metal, nothing is more reliable...

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Which Is Better for Your Project: 3D Printing or Laser Cutting?

August 16,2023 | Blank Theory

If you’re in the business of making things, you may find yourself wondering if a 3D printer or metal laser cutter would be a better investment. Truth be told, both options have their pros and cons, and your choice should ultimately depend on the project you’re working on, as well as the materials you’re working with. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the advantages and the shortcomings of...

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Inspiration & Tips: What Can You Make With a Wood Laser Cutter?

July 31,2023 | Blank Theory

Whether you’re looking for that unique gift to make someone’s year or a bespoke piece of signage to set your shop apart from the competition, a wood laser cutter could be just the thing you need. So, what will you be making? What Can You Make With a Wood Laser Cutter? When it comes to wood laser cutting, the sky’s the limit on what you can do really. But if you need some starting point...

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5 Reasons Aluminium Is Your New Favourite Metal to Use With a Laser Cutter

June 21,2023 | Blank Theory

While a metal laser cutter can work wonders with a wide range of metals, there’s a lot to love about working with aluminium. In fact, we can think of 5 great reasons why the next metal you laser cut should be aluminium. Why You’ll Love Laser Cutting With Aluminium? 1. It’s Extremely Versatile to Suit Your Needs From the get-go, aluminium is a top choice of material for a wide range of...

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5 Must-Know Tips for the Perfect Laser Cut Signage

May 31,2023 | Blank Theory

While a metal laser cutter may not be your first thought when it comes to making signage for your business or home, it actually can be an incredibly smart, stylish and cost-effective option. Why You’ll Love Having Custom Laser Cut Metal Signs? Ask around and you’ll find that anyone who has signage made via laser cutting will tell you a different benefit they’ve experienced. These are j...

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Laser Cutting: How Has This Innovation Improved the Manufacturing Industry Over Time?

November 21,2022 | Blank Theory

In the past, before laser cutters, cutting through materials was a laborious and relatively inconsistent procedure. However, the introduction of laser cutting technology has transformed many industries. Laser cutting services mean a range of businesses can now cut through a wide range of materials with speed and accuracy, making a laser cutter an indispensable tool in modern production. Furtherm...

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Laser vs Plasma: What Is Best for Cutting Metal?

October 08,2022 | Blank Theory

Manufacturing of goods of any kind is a tricky and complex procedure, and often uses a variety of parts. When it comes to sheet goods like metals, plastic, wood and even cloth, using technology like laser cutting and plasma cutting makes it easy to accurately cut materials to the right shape and size. While there are some similarities between the two, there are also some key differences you shou...

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