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Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne

Perfect Pairing of Man and Machine
Here at lightning laser, we place a premium on excellent service delivery in terms of quality, time, customer service and cost.
We invest in the best sheet metal bending machines; and educate our staff on quality workmanship and safety, and retrain them regularly to meet national standards in every line of service we offer.
A variation of styles is available in our office, from standard 2 folds to the more complex 4-sided trays, which is suitable for capping.
Our blend of industry experts and cutting-edge machinery yields a professional finish quickly, saving you precious resources whilst minimising wastage.

Sheet Metal Bending in Melbourne

Lightning Laser clients all across Melbourne create platforms, construction sites, signage, factories, houses and automotive parts for consumers within and outside Australia.
Our internationally vetted standards are not compromised in any of our services. Our offering of state-of-the-art complementary solutions make us one of the most celebrated companies in the industry. Having mastered laser cutting, which has been our passion for the past 21 years, we delved into metal-allied services, to include finishing, preservation, colouring and design. We also work on other materials that complement your sheet metal fabrication & sheet metal bending needs.

Sheet Metal Bending - Sheet Metal Fabrication Melbourne
Sheet Metal Bending - Sheet Metal Fabrication

Whatever your sheet metal requirement is, you will find more than capable staff willing to help bring your dream into reality in as short a time as possible, with many of our services having a quick turn-around, many within days.

Aluminium folding jobs of small batches to large orders can be handled in-house. At Lightning Laser, we are skilled at handling aluminium, and also provide an anodising service to maintain its beautiful metallic look, even when coloured.

At the heart of our operation is a dedication to our clients. Before we begin with our sheet metal fabrication and other services, we take the time to learn about how you intend to use the end-product, in order to provide advice on configuration and execution, based on our over two-decades experience.
You can contact the team to inquire about our services, book a consultation or to get a free quote. We would be happy to show you samples of previous jobs, to give you ideas on what can be achieved.
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