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Here at Lightning Laser, we are passionate about laser cutting and the quality of our workmanship. As a result, we have developed unique methods of creating laser cut signage for our clients here in Melbourne and elsewhere, that gets their business noticed.

Laser cutting works on signage that can be used both externally and internally. The precision from laser cutting is unrivalled by any of the other signage-making processes. While printing might cost a lot less in upfront cost, the long-term costs could be rather detrimental.

The Importance of High Quality Laser Cut Signs

For any brick and mortar store, one of the most important aspects of branding is the signage. It is the most recognisable symbol that speaks of the company, which can either attract visitors in or turn them off.

It has been reported that as many as 76% of consumers would enter a store they have never been to before simply because it has attractive signage. On the reverse side, over half of the population would stay away from a place with poor signage.

Many of our laser cutting Melbourne clients have also reported an immediate increase in visitors and profits following a change in signage.

What Makes Laser Cutting Signage Design So Great?

Every business knows that signage is important, but why does it have to be laser cut?

Being business owners ourselves, we understand the need to keep costs down, which is why our laser cutting costs and the prices for our other services are made affordable for small and medium scale businesses.

Signage is the only type of marketing a business can do that will be visible all day and all night, attracting visitors even when lights are off.

For something so important, just any odd retail signage won’t not do. You need something that looks exceptional and distinguishes you from the competition. You deserve something that speaks about the professionalism and dependability of your brand.

Our laser cutting Melbourne services will do just that for you and so much more.

Our finish is exceptional, thanks to the quality of our machines and the craftsmen operating them. Our Laser cutting signage service works on metals, wood, plexiglass, corrugated plastic, laser cut acrylic as well as other materials, please call us to find out more regarding the materials we can cut.

The intensity of the laser will vary depending on the material, thus guaranteeing a flawless finish every time. Because the cut is so precise, it will stand the test of time, thus preventing the need to replace the sign frequently, as is the case with lower quality finishes.

Worried about how to take care of metallic signage?

Put your mind at ease.

Our complementary services such as anodising and galvanising will protect aluminium, iron and steel signage from corrosion.

Powder coating can also give your signage a brilliant, long-lasting, textured colour that will enhance the appearance and durability of your signs while also providing extra corrosion resistance.

Exceptional Quality on Any Scale

We take pride in your designs, which is why we keep them original and made to your specifications. Whatever can be designed on a CAD program can be cut, whether it is for a tabletop display, or even a mailbox or retail signage to cover the storefront.

Whether you’re a startup, a small business or a big corporation, every company with any need is welcome to get a quotation, which we are sure would surpass your expectations.
For laser cutting signage, powder coating, anodising or our other services, let’s start you off on your journey.

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