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Custom Laser Cut Signs in Melbourne

For custom laser cut signs, you can’t go past Lightning Laser. We are passionate about quality workmanship, unbeatable service and custom laser cutting. Our comprehensive site has everything you need to secure services in laser cutting, engraving, sheet metal fabrication and more.

Discover Our Awesome Laser Cut Signage Services on Offer

At Lightning Laser, we offer laser cutting signage services that work on many materials. You can get laser cut wood, timber and metal signs, as well as laser cut corten steel signs, stainless steel signs and aluminium signs. We also work with plexiglass, corrugated plastic, acrylic and rubber. In addition, we offer the complementary services of anodising and galvanising to protect aluminium, iron and steel signage from corrosion. Powder coating can also provide extra protection from corrosion, as well as a long-lasting and textured colour that will liven up your signs for years to come.

Why Should You Get Your Signs Laser Cut?

Precise & Accurate

The advanced laser cutting technology we have at our disposal produces a fine and precise cut every time. No matter how unconventional the shape, all of our cuts have a smooth finish. Our laser cutting technology ensures accurate cuts on even the toughest of materials, such as steel, so that you can have strong, durable signs. If you need a fine cut, or even a laser engraving, you should consider laser cutting with Lightning Laser.

Stand Out From Competitors

Signage is an incredibly important component of marketing a business. Visible all hours of the day and night, signage is a powerful and immediately recognisable symbol that speaks on behalf of a company. Reports indicate that 76% of consumers would enter a store they’ve never visited simply because they like the signage. Furthermore, over half the population would avoid a company due to signage they find unattractive. Several of our Melbourne clients have experienced an increase in profit since investing in laser cut signs. Taking this into account, it only makes sense to give your business unique and exceptional signage that distinguishes it from other brands.

Customise Your Space

While custom laser cut wood and metal signs are often well utilised by businesses, they are also excellent for adding something unique to your home. Some people like to add signage to the letterboxes or fences of their homes or properties. A laser cut address sign can make it easier for guests to spot your property from the road. These kinds of quirks make your property more memorable and individualistic, particularly if you decide to name your property. You might also like to customise your home office or bedrooms. The possibilities are endless with laser cut metal, steel and wood name signs.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

At Lightning Laser, you can get elegant and professional laser cut business signs at an affordable price. Not only that, but the accuracy with which we conduct our services means that we will get your cut right the first time. While printing, for example, might cost less up front, the long-term costs are significantly higher than that associated with laser cutting. By choosing laser cut signage, you can enjoy unmatched service without ever having to worry about replacing poorly cut materials.

Versatile Across Industries

Along with automotive parts, stencils and piping, Lightning Laser creates custom laser cut signs that would otherwise be difficult to source or make. We can deliver you truly unique signs and more to create the impact or effect you want. Laser cut signage can be used in a myriad of ways, from displays in storefronts, to expositions, to advertisements and business signs.

Why Should You Choose Lightning Laser?

The team at Lightning Laser is extremely experienced and backed by a solid reputation. We cut anything that can be designed on a CAD program with care and precision, producing original tabletop displays and mailboxes, as well as signage. We also assist with ensuring that the design you have in mind will work with laser cutting, and offer additional complementary services to get you even better results. These include anodising, galvanising and powder coating.

Laser Cut Metal & Wooden Signs Available in Australia

Lightning Laser is one of Australia’s most trusted producers of laser cut signs. Our laser cut signs can be made from a number of robust materials such as metal, steel and wood, so you know it’ll last. The extreme precision and accuracy of our tools also means that our laser cut signs can be surprisingly detailed. Whether you’re a startup, a small business or a big corporation, you can benefit from our commercial laser cut signs. So why wait? Reach out today for a quote and get the laser cut signage of your dreams!


Laser cutting can achieve incredible precision and detail, resulting in signs that have sharp, clean edges and intricate detailing. Using this method, you can also expect to create signs that are more hardy and durable than other varieties. Lightning Laser’s services are furthermore highly customisable, producing specific and unique results.

If you’re keeping your laser-cut signage outside, it should be made from materials such as metal, wood, or acrylic that can withstand the elements. If you’re keeping your sign inside, you’ll have a lot more flexibility. Fortunately, the experts at Lightning Laser can cut all these materials and more!

To get the most out of laser-cut signage services, you need a clear idea of which design and material you want to use. At Lightning Laser, we can provide any guidance required. We will also ensure your sign receives the best possible post-cutting treatment, including powder coating and laser engraving.

If you want to bring precise and intricate sign designs to life, laser-cut signage services are the only choice. This is because laser cutting is capable of unparalleled accuracy. With Lightning Laser, you can also combine laser cutting with laser engraving to achieve further customisation, creating truly unique pieces.

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