Laser Engraving

Every so often, we have clients whom we have cut materials for, asking us to engrave the products. The requests are always similar: a sophisticated design that looks good, has outstanding quality, but won’t break the bank.

In our experience, nothing gets the job done better than laser engraving, when it comes to writing or making designs on expertly cut metals, plastics and timber.

Laser engraving looks professional, feels smooth to the touch and lasts a lifetime. Unlike ink and other engraving methods, the design does not wear or wash off. This, we find, goes a long way in signalling the strength and longevity of a brand.

Not to mention, that once material is engraved, it will take nothing less than a grinding machine to take it out. Therefore, no aggressive washing or scrubbing will damage the laser engraved artwork.

The room for error is less than 0.1%.

To accomplish this task, we only use the best laser engraving machines. After all, it is impossible to do a great job with mediocre tools. Our computer controlled design leaves no room for error, unlike jobs done by hand.

The same great care is what we apply when performing nearly flawless laser cuts, steel engraving, general metal laser engraving or any of the other materials our clients choose.

How Does Laser Engraving Work?

Any object that cuts metals will at the bare minimum, leave rough edges. While this is fine for a majority of products which would not be handled by human hands, clients using steel and other metals used for signage, decorations or art want the finished product to look and feel good.
Laser engraving makes a perfect cut while also smoothing out the edges to maintain a distinct finish that can stand the test of time. The contactless job also does not risk damaging the material being engraved.
A service closely related to this is laser marking. This involves using lasers to change the appearance (usually the colour) of a substance.
Every job and material is unique. As such, we rely on a highly specialised computer and laser engraving machine to determine the level of intensity needed to make the perfect cut.

What Materials Do We Engrave?

Laser engraving works on a wide range of materials. We specialise in steel engraving to suit the bulk of our clients, but we also work on timber, plastic and other metals.
Steel engraving and metal laser engraving works can be carried out on almost any-sized object. Our laser engraving machine works quickly and accurately, to save you time and money.

A Flawless Job

We are a business highly experienced in laser cutting and laser engraving. Though based in Melbourne, we work with different clients across the country.

If you need laser engraving in Melbourne, we offer a professional service that is delivered on time and at highly competitive prices.

To find out more about what we can do for you with laser engraving or our other add-on services, contact us to book a free consultation.

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Laser Engraved Art: Steel, Plastic, Timber & Other Materials