Laser Cutting Capabilities

"Our newest laser cuts up to 20mm in mild steel, 16mm in stainless steel and 10mm in aluminum."

What is Rotary Cutting?

Laser cutting is the controlled movement of a focussed beam of coherent light which ablates the material in its path. This makes the laser much more accurate than other heat generated cutting methods and much faster than traditional tool making methods.

The primary advantages of Laser Cutting are:

  • Shorter set-up times gives lower cost prototyping without sacrificing accuracy
  • Faster turnaround for parts regardless of complexity
  • Design changes for parts can be easily accommodated
  • Accuracy to 0.1mm or .03%
  • Clean square edges on most materials
  • Reduced wastage
  • Lightning Laser Cutting can cut any shape up to 3000mm by 1500mm from sheet material

What materials do we cut?

As part of Lightning Laser Cutting’s continuing improvements, we also offer a tube and pipe cutting service. We can as a result program our machines to cut complex pipe intersections as well as offering slitting and hole cutting of pipes up to 200mm in diameter.

In conjunction with the other services Lightning Laser Cutting offers, we believe we can provide a total package for the production of our customers needs.

What materials do we cut?

The power of the finely focused, intense beam of light and the lightning speed with which it cuts to make the laser the tool of choice for processing a wide variety of materials cost-effectively.

Lightning Laser Cutting can cut all steel types, aluminium, timber and plastics such as:

  • Mild steels to 16mm thickness
  • Cleancut Stainless steels 0.1 to 10mm thick
  • Acrylic to 25mm with a flame polished edge
  • Aluminium to 5mm
  • Other plastics (HIPS, Corian etc.) and foam (but not PVC due to noxious gas by-product)
  • Wood – MDF and plywood to 30mm thick
  • Other materials viz. rubber, leather

What sort of parts do we cut?

  • Lightning Laser Cutting can cut a wide range of parts such as:
  • Sheet metal parts that might otherwise be punched
  • Flanges for welding to pipework
  • Heavy automotive parts for manifolds, towbars, pans and guards
  • Stencils and templates for drilling, architectural and sculptural work
  • Logos and letters and all manner of signage
  • Marketing and POS display items
  • Solder Paste Masks for printed circuit board manufacture
  • Pipes and tubes, intersections, slitting and holes

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