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Ever wondered what all the fuss is about galvanised metal? It’s all because of how frustrating it is to watch your hard work fall apart, and with it all your efforts and considerable expenses feel wasted. This is a big problem in the metal industry, because rust is a real threat to many vital structures. Steel and iron works tend to eventually break down due to rust and corrosion, even if they were once very solid structures. While there are a few coatings that can be applied to protect metals, nothing beats the reliability and longevity of galvanised iron and hot dip galvanised steel. Not only does this solution protect the metals, but it looks great too.

For a time, our services at Lightning Laser exclusively involved laser cutting steel and other materials. In response to a need in our community, we then expanded our services to include galvanising and other techniques for metal improvement. We work with specialists in galvanising to ensure our clients have their masterpieces protected from corrosion. With this service, you won’t have to invest in costly replacements — your structures will be safe in the long-term!

What Is Hot Dip Galvanising?

Hot dip galvanising is the process of soaking metal, iron or steel in a bath of molten zinc to produce a corrosion-resistant, multi-layered coating of zinc metal and zinc-iron alloy. During the galvanising process, a metallurgical reaction happens between the iron in the steel and the molten zinc. This reaction coats the metal, creating a diffusion process, which produces a uniform thickness throughout every part of the metal. The tough zinc layer that now envelopes the surface seals it from corrosion by preventing oxidation within the metal.

What Does The Process of Galvanising Steel Look Like?

Step 1: Cleaning & Degreasing the Metal

Before we galvanise any steel, we clean it thoroughly by immersing the material in a highly caustic solution that removes any impurities from the surface. These impurities might include dirt, oil or paint, which can obstruct the galvanising process.

Step 2: Pickling the Metal

Once the material is cleaned, we soak and ‘pickle’ it in an acidic solution to remove rust and any mill scale. This ensures that the surface of the steel is squeaky clean and free of any debris. We often use hydrochloric acid in this step, but sulphuric acid is a good alternative.

Step 3: Hot Fluxing in Preparation

Before the metal can be hot dip galvanised, it needs to be immersed in a flux solution. This solution contains zinc ammonium chloride and will be heated to a temperature between 50–70°C. We use the flux solution to remove any oxide film that has formed on the steel surface after pickling, thereby preventing further oxidation. We then dry the steel so that it is ready to be hot dipped galvanised.

Step 4: Hot Dip Galvanising Time

Once we have fully prepared the steel, it is time to dip it into the bath of molten zinc. Making sure the material is completely submerged in the molten zinc, we keep it in the bath until its temperature is the same as the zinc itself, which is around 449°C. We then pull the steel slowly out of the bath at a controlled rate so that the outer layer — as there will be several layers — solidifies. The galvanised sheet metal or piece will have a pure outer zinc coating that covers the corners, seals the edges and penetrates any recesses. This way, all areas within the steel that could be degraded from corrosion are protected. For even greater protection, the hot dip galvanised coating will be thicker at corners and along narrow edges.

Step 5: Cooling for Improved Effectiveness

Now that we have a fully galvanised metal sheet or steel post, we move onto the final step. This step entails cooling the galvanised steel sheet inside a quench tank, rather than letting it air cool. This ensures that the atmosphere won’t begin to interact with the material before it is thoroughly cooled, and prevents early oxidation of the zinc surface.

What Are the Benefits of Galvanised Metal?

Do you require hot dipped galvanised material? If you’re still unsure, or simply in need of more information, it might be helpful to explore the benefits of the process. Here are some reasons why you should get your steel hot dip galvanised.

Long-Lasting Assurance

Galvanising protects steel and iron from rust and saves your structure from disaster. Even if the zinc coating gets damaged, the surrounding areas will help protect the exposed spots from corrosion. Small pieces of steel such as nuts, bolts and couplings are not left out of the process — even those that are not directly exposed to the elements. Simply put, galvanised steel and galvanised iron provide the best protection from rust. While paint and other coats also protect these metals from rust, and can additionally give them a finished look, they cannot delay corrosion. At Lightning Laser, our collective expertise and extensive experience have taught us that the galvanising process is superior.

No Compromise On Quality

From galvanised pipes to hot dipped galvanised steel, all our jobs are done in line with Australian regulatory standards. We understand the importance of the work you do, which is why we would never compromise your safety or our integrity. Every job done by Lightning Laser comes with our quality assurance, giving you peace of mind. Our exceptionally high standards come with affordable prices, which enable even the smallest of businesses to get quality service. Our services in laser cutting and the production of galvanised steel are born from our knowledge of metals and our experience within the industry.

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Do you need to have iron, metal or steel sheets galvanised at an affordable price? Look no further than Lightning Laser! Along with powder coating, anodising, engraving and laser cutting services, Lightning Laser offers galvanised steel fabrication of exceptional quality. We operate out of Melbourne and provide Aussie companies of all shapes and sizes with the best possible hot dipped galvanised steel posts and metal sheets. If you want to make use of our hot dip galvanising services, please fill out the contact form below. Don’t delay — get in touch today!

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