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It is a pain beyond compare to watch all your hard work, effort and considerable expenses come crumbling down. In the metal industry, this is a literal problem, when steel or iron works come crashing down due to rust and corrosion.
Rust is a real threat to many important structures, and while other coatings can be applied to protect metals, nothing beats the reliability and longevity of galvanized iron and galvanised steel. Not only does it protect the metals, it applies an elegant finish.
As a response to a need in our community, we expanded our service from laser cutting steel and other materials to galvanising and other metal improvement services, to ensure our clients have their masterpieces protected from corrosion and costly replacements.

Long-Lasting Assurance

Galvanising involves the application of a zinc covering on steel and iron to protect them from rust, and your company from disaster.
Hot dip galvanizing is the most trusted method, requiring every surface to be dipped in molten zinc. A thick metallurgically bonded coating of zinc is formed, which can also withstand the aggravations of transportation and other physical damage.
If per chance the zinc coating gets damaged, the surrounding areas will help protect the exposed area from corrosion. Small pieces of steel such as nuts, bolts and couplings are not left out of the process, even the ones not directly exposed to the elements.
Galvanised steel and galvanized iron provide the best protection from rust. Though paint and other coats also protect these metals from rust and give it a finished look, they do not delay corrosion as well as galvanisation.

No Compromise on Quality

From galvanized pipes or piping to galvanised steel, all our jobs are done to Australian regulatory standards. We understand the importance of the work you do, which is why we would never compromise your safety or our integrity.
Every job done by Lightning Laser comes with our quality assurance that will give you peace of mind. Our exceptionally high standards come with affordable prices, which would enable even the smallest of businesses get quality service.
Our experience and exceptional service offering in laser cutting is predicated on our knowledge of metals and the premium we place on quality service.

Small or Large, We Handle Any Job

Our clients for laser cutting range from small businesses and operations, to large enterprises carrying out major construction projects in or beyond Melbourne. Some of these also require also require galvanising.

Not on our watch.

Galvanising, in our experience, is one of the cheapest ways (initially and in the long-run) to protect your steel and iron fittings.
Having dedicated ourselves to be the best in our field at laser cutting, we have extended the same drive and passion to galvanising steel.
If you are looking for your laser cut parts to be galvanised in Melbourne, we would be glad to offer a free consultation and to share with you our other services.

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Galvanising: Long-Term Rust Protection | Big Savings