Powder Coating

The demand for powder coating is on an upwards trajectory, given the quality and durability of the finish. We pride ourselves in being able to offer only the best powder coating services using the best tools and machinery available.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finish method of painting. The powder is applied on metals using a process called electrostatic spray deposition (ESD) with a powder coating gun. After the metal has been sprayed on, it is put in the oven to allow the powder to fuse to it.

While it is applied mainly on metals objects, it can also be used on some plastics and medium density fibreboard (MDF).

Powder coated rims more readily come to mind when people think of this process, but its applications are limitless same as the powder coating colours.
Powder coating steel is growing increasingly common, due to the numerous advantages of this type of coating.

The powder coating equipment we use are the best on the market, so we never let our clients down. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of not only the equipment, but the metals, plastics and MDFs used by our clients.

Why We Encourage Powder Coating

Powder coating results in a high-quality finish, with stronger resistance to abrasions, chemicals and damage than liquid paint. It is therefore preferred as a functional coat, given its enhanced ability to resist abrasion despite aggressive contact.

Its durability and dependability is why we recommend powder coating for steel and other metals used in appliances or equipment that will endure a lot of wear and tear and would still need to look pristine.

A bulk of our requests have been for signage and other household items, for clients looking to balance functionality and aesthetics. Bicycle parts, household appliances, signage and decorative systems also benefit from powder coating.
Powder coated steel also provides better protection against rust.

Besides its sturdiness, powder coating colours are extensive. The application process also makes it possible to blend colours better than you would with other types of coating, and the result can have different textural feels.

Unlike paint, a thick layer of powder coating can be applied without it running or sagging. There are also no visible differences between horizontal and vertical applications.

Pocket & Eco Friendly

One of the greatest benefits of powder coating is that it does not contain solvents, thus very little Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are dispersed into the environment.

But, not only does it protect the environment, it also protects your balance sheet. Powder coating pricing is great value for money, despite the technological advancement of the process and its longevity.

Instead of multiple coats of paint overtime to preserve the look, just one powder coat lasts a long time, even in rigorous outdoor applications.

At Lightning Laser, we always do a thorough job to ensure you are left with a product much better than you expected. We would be happy to show you the various ways powder coating can be applied to enhance the look and sustainability of your products.

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