Advantages of Laser Cutting

October 12,2016 | admin

Applications for laser cutting have increased steadily in the recent years because of its numerous advantages of the technology. For one it is efficient and cost-effective. The technology is also versatile and can cut various materials including metals, wood, leather, plastic and paper to name a few. Laser cutting is also preferred because of its precision that makes it p...

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Interesting Facts About Laser Cutting

October 07,2016 | admin

It’s hard to believe that a beam of light can cut through thick wood or even a bar of steel. Incredibly, this is not the only baffling thing about laser cutters. Here are a few other facts about the technology that might leave you exploring further. 1. Laser cutting started more than half a century ago Most people think it’s a brand new technology. Not true. Laser cu...

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How Laser Cutting Works

July 05,2016 | admin

Remember your childhood experiment wherein you mobilised the sun’s rays over a magnifying glass and focused the rays on a piece of paper to set it on fire? Now, can you further imagine a metal sheet worker pinpointing his welding torch over a steel bar to cut it up into several pieces?The Laser PrincipleThis is the same principle that applies in laser cutting: high-intensity light (focus...

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Laser Cutting Services

March 03,2016 | admin

Lightning Laser Cutting has established a position as a quality supplier of Laser Cutting services to customers across a wide range of industries.Parts that we have cut have frequently become vital components in manufactured goods exported all over the globe. Mostly though they become part of more mundane but necessary items that surround us in daily lives.We invite you to browse the l...

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