10 Innovative Ways to Use A Laser Engraver and Cutter

When searching for innovative new art ideas, it can be tempting to stick to small-scale projects that use standard power tools. While these tools can make for great results, they do limit the kinds of materials you can work with.

At Lightning Laser Cutting, we operate world-class equipment that can cut and engrave materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, plastic, foam, acrylic, aluminium, rubber, leather, and wood. Our capabilities mean that we can turn your unique designs into all kinds of artistic and functional pieces. Read on for cool laser cut ideas.

Things You Can Do with Laser Engraving and Cutting:

1. Wall art Laser

cut art might not spring to mind when you’re brainstorming decor ideas, but it could be the perfect addition to your home. We can create textured, eye-catching wall art from a number of materials and custom-made designs. Geometric designs and shapes are particularly popular when it comes to wooden or metal wall pieces.

2. Wall screens

Wall screens are an unusual way to decorate and break up open space within your home. They can be used as a subtle barrier between rooms or even instigators of privacy, but are more often favoured for the way they can revitalise a plain or neutral area. We can create wall screens from custom designs.

3. Garden art

Having an outdoor area is wonderful, but it can be hard to know what to do with the open space. Garden art is a simple way to make your backyard look curated and personal. Many people prefer natural designs and materials to compliment their plants, but any type of laser cut design is possible at Lightning Laser Cutting.

4. Custom stencils and templates

Let us simplify your creative process by providing a custom-made stencil or template. These tools are made from durable materials that are perfect for drilling, as well as architectural and sculptural work.

5. Jewellery

This is probably one of the more surprising laser cut ideas out there, but it is nevertheless a popular one. Cutting and engraving services are perfect for anyone looking to spruce up their jewellery collection with different textures, shapes, and patterns. Our laser cutting specialists have an eye for detail that can bring your dream jewellery designs to life.

6. Engavings

Our engraving services at Lightning Laser Cutting allow customers to individualise items of various size and material. From dog collars and key chains to large pieces used for signage, we can give your belongings a personal touch. Engraving services are often sourced in preparation for special events such as weddings.

How Can Laser Cutting Help You Start Your Business?

Laser cutting allows you to customise any number of items with your brand details, logo and slogan. Whether you want coasters, bookmarks or key chains, Lightning Laser Cutting can turn everyday items into effective promotional tools. We also offer the following creative laser cut ideas:

1. Signage

Custom signage is highly requested for people planning weddings or opening venues such as hotels, cafes and restaurants. Modern offices also find signage to be a sleek, sophisticated, and memorable way to introduce clients into their workspace. Available in materials such as wood, metal or acrylic, these pieces are stylish as well as functional, and a great way to legitimise your space.

2. Business cards

Business cards are invaluable when starting a new business. They are excellent resources for getting the word out and making your services accessible. The problem with these items is that they rarely stand out, and can give clients the wrong impression if their design is dull. At Lightning Laser Cutting, we can create intricate business cards out of wood, plastic, metal or acrylic. These surprising and durable business cards will give your brand an edge.

3. Custom packaging

If your new business requires sturdy, hard-wearing packaging, consider our services at Lightning Laser Cutting. We can cut and engrave a variety of materials to suit your specific needs. Custom packaging can set your brand apart and ensure that your products are secure.

4. Custom parts for machinery

If you’re looking to operate independently or expand your manufacturing operations, custom parts for your machinery will help you get there. They can be your secret weapon in streamlining your production process and keep you from being reliant on imperfect pre-made parts. This service is also useful if you are trying to replace discontinued parts or are working with particularly tricky materials.

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    10 Innovative Ways to Use A Laser Engraver and Cutter