What to Look for in a Laser Cutting Service Company

What to Look for in a Laser Cutting Service Company

Laser cutting service is often used on structural, piping materials, or flat sheet metal. When you are in need to cut metals, laser beams create an ideal process. This technology creates edge-free cuts and can speed up the production process. Since laser cutting has limited operator intervention, it can minimise human error. It’s also cost-efficient because its accuracy limits wastage.

With all of these advantages, this technology has its disadvantages. For example, laser cutting requires more energy to function compared to mechanical cutters. You’ll also need coolant because the process involves cooling. That’s why instead of doing the laser cutting service yourself, it might be a sound idea to hire a laser cutting company. Not only you are sure that the job is done right, but you’ll also save yourself from buying an expensive laser cutting machine.

Before choosing a laser cutting company to work with, you need to know if you can benefit from the services it offers. This article will guide you through what you need to look for in a laser cutting service company.

Who Can Benefit from a Laser Cutting Service Company?

If you are unsure if you can benefit from this service, all you have to do is check out the services offered by the laser cutting company and see if any of it fits the bill of your requirement. Anyone who needs any metal fabrications can also benefit from this service. Apart from laser cutting below are some of the services offered by a laser cutting company and see if anything fits your need:

Laser cut signage

Every business needs signages. If you want to have sophisticated and exceptional signs, you should consider having a laser cut signage. What sets it apart from an ordinary sign is its seamless edges and design. Instead of cutting the signs manually, this process uses laser beams to cut corners and sides of your sign. With this service, you are sure your signs won’t be oddly shaped.

Laser engraving

Are you looking for a company that can engrave your sign, art, or decoration? If yes, then you will benefit from a laser cutting company. Laser engraving creates the perfect cut while making sure that all edges are smooth, maintaining a distinct finish. Since the process is contactless, it can preserve and protect the material being engraved. This process can work on any material such as steel, timber, plastic, and other metals.

Sheet metal fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of bending flat sheets of steel or aluminium into metal structures by cutting, punching, folding and assembling. If you need to manipulate metal into a structure or machine, this is the service for you. Make sure that the laser company you’ll choose can fabricate the material you want.


Anodising is the process of converting metal surface into a durable, decorative, and corrosion-free surface. Unlike other coating and other surface finishes, anodising is not a layer of the metal; it is a part of it. Even though anodising is the cheapest metal coating, it retains its brilliant sheen the longest. If you need to coat any metal without breaking the bank, this one is for you.


If you want to protect your steel and iron from rust and damage, galvanising is the coating perfect for you. The process involves the application of zinc to cover the steel and iron. It adds another layer to the material. This thick bonding and coating of zinc protect the material from any aggravations caused by transportation and other physical damage. Though other coatings like paint can protect these metals from rust, they do not delay corrosion like galvanisation.

Powder coating

Powder coating is the dry version of a painting. Instead of applying wet paint to the metal, this process involves a powder using a powder coating gun. Once the powder has been sprayed to the metal, it is now put in the oven to allow them to fuse to the metal. Not only it can be applied on metal, but it can also be used on some plastics and medium-density fibreboard. Powder coating results in a high-quality finish, making it better than wet paint.

What to Look for in Laser Cutting Company?

When looking for a laser cutting company, work only with companies that have a solid reputation and have worked in the business for a longer period. An experienced company with good reputation assures you that you will be doing business with a reliable and professional service.

Make sure that the company has prompt replies when you make inquiries and look for one that is attentive to your needs as a potential customer. If the company responds quickly and attentive, you can guarantee that your project will be managed well, whether small or big. After confirming that the business has experienced in the industry, check out their services. Do they offer the services you are looking for? What materials can they work on? Does it offer more than laser cutting?

You also need to check if the company can work with the materials you have. Some companies are only limited to the materials they can cut and fabricate. You do not want to talk and settle the services for your project only to find out that they cannot service the material you have. Some service can work with plastic and timber apart from just steel and metal.

Lastly, check the previous projects the laser cutting company has. This will give you a preview of how the company works and its output. If you have a specific project in mind, you can call the company and ask if they can show you a sample of their work related to your project.

Laser cutting service gives the freedom to manipulate and design any types of material like steel and metal. There’s no more tedious process to go through just to finish the project, unlike manual. If you need laser cutting service, Lighting Laser Cutting provides the most accurate and precise cuts, every time. Send them a message or give them a call to talk to them about your next project on 9587 7999 today!

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    What To Look For In a Laser Cutting Service Company