What are the advantages of a laser cutting machine?

What are the advantages of a laser cutting machine?

There are several types of cutting processes in the market and each one uses different kinds of machines. It can be difficult to decipher the range of information that is often laid to you and deciding which may be the best cutting machine to use for your industry. To help make this easier for you, learning the advantage of a laser cutting machine can narrow down your choices.

What is a laser cutting machine?

A laser cutting machine is a tool used in a wide variety of industries for designing projects and precision cutting. It emits a high powered laser beam that can cleanly cut or etch a specific design on materials such as steel, wood or plastic. It can be used in different laser cutting service. It is generally operated for industrial manufacturing applications and its beam will either burn, melt away or vaporise the excess product, leaving a superior finished design or edge.

A laser cutting machine contains settings known as the computer numerical control (CNC) and laser optics which control and direct the laser beam’s intensity for the desired design effect or for any custom laser cutting. The laser beam from the machine is generated by a process whereby electrical discharges or a lamp trigger a lasing material within a confined container causing a chemical reaction that results in a high powered beam being released.

This machine has CNC cutting service  that is used in engineering for the precision cutting of components of machines. For industrial applications, it is often used to cut structural and piping materials and flat sheet material such as metal. The size and capacity of the laser cutting machine determine whether it can be utilised for smaller or larger-scale manufacturing projects.

Advantages of a laser cutting machine:

Effectively cuts the metal into fine pieces:

Laser cutting machines use high-quality lasers for their custom laser cutting service. Laser cutting is popular to work far more speedily compared to several other traditional cutting methods and techniques. The reason why it is better than others is that most of the work that is carried out in the course of laser cutting is automated. With this machine, you can cut industrial materials in just a matter of minutes.

Safer to use and cuts material with accuracy:

When using a laser cutting machine, you tend to hurt yourself a lot less easily. This means that it is safer to use compared to other cutting machines. For example, holding a piece of metal is far easier to do when using a laser cutting technique rather than a procedure such as mechanical cutting. This assures that less injury can happen when handling the machine.

Aside from that, the cuts that are made by the laser beams are known to be far more precise than cuts produced by well-known methods and techniques of cutting materials like metals. In fact, this is the reason why laser cutting machine is preferred in many different industries, particularly those that require the size of materials (steel, wood, plastic) to be absolutely precise when cutting into pieces.

No-risk of any contamination:

Any material that is cut using laser technology is never one that comes into contact with any metals for facilitating the cut. This only means that any material going through the machine tends to be more finely cut and is free form any contaminations.

Fined edged material cutting:

Some traditional cutting machines also make use of heat as the primary weapon for cutting, which can affect the material being cut to be deformed to some extent. However, with laser cutting the material pieces produces have very fine edges.

The all-around process that requires less energy:

The process used by laser cutting machines is known to be quite versatile. This machine is capable of engraving beautiful designs on many different materials using laser cutting technology. Laser cutting is also an industrial process that requires lesser energy compared to other traditional methods of cutting.

Other advantages of a laser cutting machine:

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, there are several other advantages of using a laser cutting machine. Here are some of it:

  • Lower power consumption: A typical blanking press or turret punch consumes about 50kw of power while a 4kW laser system only uses 10kW of power total typically.
  • Material scrap savings: If parts share a common outline, they may be cut with a single cut with no scrap, unlike some other cutting tool that requires materials on either side of the cut.
  • Cutting properties: A laser cutting machine can run any strength of the material, as long as the material can be melted. A blanking die, on the other hand, can only cut materials to maximum tensile strength.
  • Low maintenance: This machine can change parts by changing programs and requires relatively inexpensive replacement parts like lenses and nozzles. Other cutting machines have expensive tools that must be sharpened and stored regularly as different parts are cut.
  • Flexible operation: You can change the cutting profile of a laser cutting machine on the fly and typically takes less than an hour to reprogram and is inexpensive to apply a change. While a traditional blanking line requires a tool for each part and has a fixed design which is a very high investment depending on the shape.
  • Faster changeover: It can change programs instantaneously, leading to time savings and allowing for smaller productions runs to have a decreased price. Other machines, such as a blanking press requires 30 minutes to change between cutting different parts as the dies must be swapped out.


The utility of a laser cutting machine is hard to deny or ignore. By examining all the advantages of this machine, you will be able to understand its wide use and how beneficial this machine will be for your industry.

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